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Commute-A-Walk (CAW):

            The Commute-A-Walk is designed to create an efficient system for ground boarding of passengers.The unit can be manually deployed, but also offers a drive unit for powered deployment. The CAW is designed for use on a variety of aircraft including    MD-80’s, A-329’s, and Boeing 737 and 757’s. The CAW exterior is equipped with a 22 oz Nylon Vinyl fabric which provides passengers with protection from the weather and allows for
easy collapsibility and storage.

Regional Boarding Ramp (RBR):

             Beginning at the terminal, the RBR includes one FX or fixed section and one articulating ramping device for aircraft docking. Embedded sleeves and anchor bollards secure the components to the pavement. The articulating, ramping device or RBR is the primary component of the system.
This device drives to and from a parked aircraft in a radius format. The back or terminal end is pinned to the pavement and the front or aircraft-end drives or swings up to or away from the aircraft. The cab or landing area slides horizontally to allow for adjustments to achieve optimum alignment to an aircraft doorway. The entire passenger walking surface moves up and down to facilitate proper alignment with
door sills on various aircraft. The ramp design also enables a gate agent to board disabled passengers without interruption of non-disabled passengers. An articulating platform or gang plank interfaces the RBR to the parked aircraft as the RBR does not actually come in contact with the plane. 

Stationary Custom Walkways:

            We have the capabilities to provide airports with custom stationary walkways. This walkway is beneficial because while these structures are stationary, they have
the capability to be moved if a need arises. These stationary structures are more cost effective and offer a faster assembly than having a permanent structure attached to
the existing building. These structures are assembled in 12
foot FX or fixed sections to provide easy customization and assembly. Below is a 3D rendering of a custom walkway.

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