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Engineering & Design:

            We provide complete architectural and engineering
design for new airports and existing airports requiring renovations. Our architectural and engineering services include architectural and
engineering design, documentation, and construction supervision.
We can procure items such as furniture and airport safety and
security equipment. 

Free Standing Kiosks:
            To improve the interior functionality of your airport facilities
  we offer free standing kiosks. These free standing kiosks have a
variety of uses ranging from food sales, ticket sales, and information
distribution. These free standing kiosks allow for functional decoration
of large unused floor space inside airport terminals. 

Metal Column Cladding:

Metal column cladding is beneficial to providing a visually
appealing appearance to support structures within the facility.
Materials and designs differ from project to project depending on
the required dimensions. We offer the capabilities of installing round
metal guards at the base of the columns to provide protection from
trolleys or suitcases. 


Metal Ceilings:

Metal ceilings provide architectural finishes to give ceilings a
durable and aesthetically appealing look. These metal ceilings also
provide protection to the lighting structures in the terminal. Materials
and designs differ from project to project depending on the required

Paint & Powder Coat

We perform the paint & powder coat process in-house at our
facilities in Conway, South Carolina. The ability to apply paint and
powder coat finishes in-house allows for faster turnover from the point
of purchase to the point of delivery. We offer paint and powder coat
finishes of any type.

Metal Staircases:

    We manufacture various metal stair cases as well. Our stair cases can be used for interior or exterior use. Both interior and exterior are built for durability and lasting quality. We offer high quality finishes for interior stair cases in order to accommodate interior design styles. Exterior stair cases add safety to the airport because they can be used for fire escapes.

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